Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Georgia Senate Run-off Today

The run-off for the seat of incumbent Republican Senator Saxby Chambliss (pictured to the right) takes place today in Georgia. OVC believes that Chambliss will prevail over a challenge from Democrat Jim Martin (pictured to the left) 53 percent to 47 percent.

The re-election of Chambliss will keep the Senate Democratic number at 58, with the Minnesota Senate race still embroiled in a recount. With the state Canvassing Board scheduled to meet in two weeks to finish the recount, and nearly 6,000 votes being challenged by the two campaigns, a Minneapolis Star Tribune tally late Monday showed that Coleman leads by 340 votes. Coleman had challenged 188 more votes than Franken.

Chambliss has brought in some heavy hitters, including former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, Senator John McCain, and Governor Sarah Palin. In fact, Palin appeared at four rally for Chambliss yesterday. Martin was unable to get President-elect Obama to stump for him personally, but Obama did keep his field operation in tact to help Martin and recorded radio spots and robo-call messages. Martin also has the help of former Vice President Al Gore and former President Bill Clinton.

The Reaclclearpolitics average has Chambliss at 51.3 percent and Martin at 46 percent. The RCP average on the Presidential race was 7.6 percent. Obama won by 7.0 percent. The RCP average had Kay Hagan up by 4.3%, and she won by 8.5% in neighboring North Carolina. In Virginia, the final RCP average was Mark Warner up by 28.6 %, and he won by 31.2%. And in Oregon, RCP had Merkley up by 5.6%, and he won by 3.1%. The RCP average predicted the winner in all the decided Senate races. In the Minnesota race, RCP had incumbent Republican Norm Coleman defeating Democratic challenger Al Franken by 2.8%. Whoever wins that race will win by less than 0.1%.

We should know the results within an hour of the closing of the polls in Georgia at 7:00 pm EDT.

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