Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Luzerne County GOP Endorses

Buzz and I took the Microbus downtown tonight. We were looking for a nice place to eat, and we stumbled upon the Luzerne County Republican headquarters. We saw some action going on inside the HQ and decided to stop in.

Around a large table, the county GOP leaders were counting the ballots on the primary endorsements. Renita Fennick, the GOP executive director was pulling ballots out of a box and calling out candidate's names. About fifteen other people sat around the table tallying the results.

Several candidates anxiously listened and tallied their own numbers. Attorney Mike Pendolphi, candidate for Judge; Attorney Nanda Palissery, candidate for controller; and Robert Sipnewski, candidate for controller were the only candidates we saw in the room.

Here are the results: (Candidates in bold received the party's endorsement for the May 19th primary election.)

Judge: Attorney Richard Hughes 114 votes, Attorney Michael Pendolphi 54 votes, Magisterial District Judge William H. Amesbury 18 votes, and No endorsement 14 votes.

Controller: Attorney Nanda Palissery 51 votes, Walter L. Griffith, Jr. 39 votes, Robert Sypniewski 19 votes, No endorsement 17 votes, Edward A. Brominski 3 votes, and Alice B. Coffman 3 votes.

Prothonotary: Carolee Medico Olenginski 75 votes, Walter Mitchell 55 votes, and No endorsement 4 votes.

Register of Wills: Gina Nevenglosky 74 votes and No endorsement 54 votes.

Jury Commissioner: Frank Semanski 107 votes and No endorsement 21 votes.

Pendolphi said he was "proud to receive the Republican endorsement," and he believed "the court house needs more Republicans."

Palissery was equally pleased with the endorsement. He said "he believed it was a fair process." He thanked all of those who voted for him and said he was "proud to have the Republican endorsement."


Anonymous said...

Alice Coffman was there too!

Norton The Blogger said...

Sorry, but who would have known? Alice Coffman has about as much chance of winning the controller's race as the Detroit Lions have of going 16-0 this year. (For those of you who aren't football savvy, that's about a "snow ball's chance in hell.") {For those of you lacking the football knowledge, thermodynamics, and religious training, hell is really hot and snowballs melt in warm weather.} In other words, Alice Coffman's chances of winning are a "pipe dream" (sorry, a "long shot.") Actually, to put it bluntly, "Alice doesn't live here anymore."

Anonymous said...

Tough words for Alice, Norton. Ouch! But I agree. I will never understand why some people run for office.