Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Leash Laws for Unicorns and the PA Voter ID law

May we suggest that the Pennsylvania legislature now tackle unicorn leash laws, since they have so adequately addressed non-existent voter impersonation in the Commonwealth. And, perhaps they can spend millions of dollars of taxpayer money looking for unicorns to leash.

The lack of empirical evidence of in person voter fraud didn't stop the Republicans in the Pennsylvania legislature from passing a voter ID bill in March, so why should the lack of empirical proof of the existence of unicorns stop them from passing unicorn leash laws.

The Loch Ness Monster

Some may say this is an unfair comparison, but cases of in person voter fraud in Pennsylvania are just as rare as unicorns.  Study after study has shown that in-person voter fraud simply does not exist, but like the existence of unicorns and the Loch Ness monster, there are people out there who will swear on a stack of bibles that it does exist

All of this would be quite humorous if it didn't infringe on the right of over a million of Pennsylvania to vote, including almost 500,000 senior citizens, and one third of members of Pennsylvania's Voter Hall of Fame (those who have cast ballots in 50 consecutive general elections.) It is also quite disheartening that Judge Robert Simpson has failed to throw out this misguided law.

Voter Suppression

The PA voter ID law was passed for one reason and one reason only:  It was passed in an attempt to suppress Democratic votes.  Republican controlled legislatures across the country have been passing voter ID laws for the very same reason.  It is pure fantasy and illusion to believe that millions, thousands, hundreds, or even one illegal alien is or are trudging down to polling places to vote, of course that doesn't stop Buzz and I hearing that from our conservative friends.

Since when did it become acceptable and even fashionable to stop legal voters from voting.  If we turn one legitimate voter away from the polls because of some imagined in-person voter fraud, that is a tragedy.

Our simple solution

Here's a simple solution.  Get inexpensive digital cameras and issue them to every judge of election.  When a voter comes in to vote, take their picture and have them sign a simple affidavit attesting that they are who they say they are.  And for all those Draconian Republicans out there, make the penalty for falsifying the affidavit punishable by a mandatory ten years in jail.  Now you won't suppress any voter and you truly will solve non-existent in person voter ID fraud.

After all, think about it.  If someone really wanted to commit in person voter ID fraud, don't you think they'd have the ability to make a fake ID

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