Saturday, October 5, 2013

PA Governor Tom "Frank Drebin" Corbett strikes again with brother/sister marriage comment

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett has done it again.  He has shown us why Buzz and I believe that he may be , in reality, Detective Frank Drebin from Police Squad.

There has always been the physical resemblance, but his latest comments show a keen mental resemblance, too.

Corbett was on WHP-TV in Harrisburg when an anchor asked about a statement his lawyers made in a recent court filing, comparing the marriage of gay couples to the marriage of children because neither can legally wed in the state.

"It was an inappropriate analogy, you know," Corbett said. "I think a much better analogy would have been brother and sister, don't you?"

Pennsylvania is the only Northeastern state that does not recognize same sex marriage, and as long as Governor Frank Drebin is in office, the law won't change from the Executive branch of the government.

Fortunately for supports of same sex marriage, a number of law suits are pending in Pennsylvania state and federal courts.  Change will be coming.

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