Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Haggerty Elected Chairman of Home Rule Commission

Mayor Jim Haggerty of Kingston (pictured to the left) has been elected chairman of the Luzerne County Home Rule Commission at the commission's inaugural meeting held Wednesday evening at Wyoming Seminary.
Veronica Ciaruffoli was elected Vice Chairperson, and Rick Morelli was elected Treasurer.

Haggerty is the three term mayor of the Municipality of Kingston and a practicing attorney. Kingston has operated under a home rule charter since 1976.

The commission is charged with the following:

"The government study commission shall study the form of government of the municipality to compare it with other available forms under the laws of this Commonwealth and determine whether or not in its judgment the government could be strengthened or made more clearly responsible or accountable to the people or whether its operation could become more economical or efficient under a changed form of government."


"The government study commission shall report its findings and recommendations to the citizens of the municipality within nine months from the date of its election except that it shall be permitted an additional nine months if it elects to prepare and submit a proposed home rule charter and an additional two months if it chooses to elect its municipal council by districts."

The commission also appointed a budget committee comprised of the elected officers to approach the county for money to fulfill its mandate of studying the county government.

The commission plans to meet every Wednesday at 7:00 pm at the Stettler Learning Resources Center, Sprague Avenue, Kingston.


RokDaVote said...

Interesting save the govt money we should form a commission and have that commission spend money to study the govt....with no guarantee that anything will be changed after that study is complete.

It's called the voting booth!!!...If you don't like the way elected officials are spending your tax dollars just vote them out of office. You don't need a commission for that.

Crooks can get elected in any form of govt.

Norton The Blogger said...

It is true that crooks can get elected in any form of government, but if we build a government based on professionalism, we can minimize the influence of the crooks if they get elected.

dan from dallas said...

Bullshit Norton.

RokDaVote said...

Or the new form could make it harder to get rif of the A-Holes

wtf said...

2 brilliant ideas from the last govt study commission meeting:

1. Hire PJ Best to do the website

2. Form a committee in charge of forming committees....they should have formed a committee to form the committee to form the committees



Anonymous said...

Way to go Luzerne Co. voters...elect Walter Griffith to study whether or not the office he is running for should be elected or appointed. Hmmm... wonder how that will go. Let him spend taxpayer dollars to help him campaign instead of his own money. We get what we deserve.

Anonymous said...

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