Monday, April 2, 2012

Norton and Buzz return from the West Coast

Our great project to to revitalize the Sixties in Bay area has come to a disappointing end.  Buzz and I had hoped to recapture the flavor, mood, and ambiance of the 1960s in Haight-Ashbury, but armed with our vintage RCA record player, Buzz's bongos, our tie-dyed wardrobe, and our earth sandals, we suffered some serious setbacks.
The area has changed significantly, and the anti-Vietnam war sentiment just doesn't translate well in anti-War-on-Terror sentiment.  The fact that there is no longer a military draft seems to be a major factor.  The youths of today don't end up in a foreign land unless they volunteer.
So Buzz and I packed up all of our Grateful Dead and Jefferson Airplane LPs and the Univac 3000 into the micobus and headed back to NEPA.
We will be back covering the political scene and the WNBA once Buzz gets a new transmission and a good set of used tires for the microbus.  The cross country trip has taken a toll on the micobus.

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