Friday, May 8, 2009

Controller Question Number 2

The is the second question we asked the Luzerne County Controller candidates.

Question: Will you keep acting controller Anthony "A. J." Martinelli on your staff?

Bob Sypniewski


Walter Griffith

1. I feel that I do not have enough information to make this type of judgment call at this moment, However I will promise the taxpayers that if Mr Martinelli has abused his power of his office and has used his position in the County as a tool to receive special treatment, I will issue him a suspension and place the information in his personnel file. I do however feel that everyone makes mistakes and is entitled to a reprimand and suspension for a first time offense and that should be afforded to anyone in any type of employment. I will not tolerate any type of employee mismanagement or disregard for the position that they hold and will deal with these types of issues on a case by case basis.

Nanda Palissery

I won't make any decisions until after I am elected and have had a chance to discuss the matter with Mr. Martinelli. He has not been convicted of a crime and the courts saw fit to grant the district attorney's motion for ARD placement. In my business experience, I learned that in a new office, it pays to learn all you can from the existing staff before replacing it.

Alice Coffman


Edd Brominski


Bob Morgan

If I am fortunate enough to be chosen by the voters to be the next Controller one of my first priorities will to be review the entire staff to ensure everyone is working in a role that best suits their talents, experience and level of expertise. I believe all personnel related decisions should be made in a professional manner and should be handled in a way that ensures the highest level of confidence of the taxpayers and all parties involved. SInce I have not been elected Controller at this time, and have not had the opportunity to conduct the promised review of the staff, it would be premature for me to comment on the status of any member of the staff.
I would caution my fellow candidates from making rash comments regarding any personnel appointment(s) as these matters are both sensitive and potentially legally actionable if viewed as "politically" motivated. I believe we need to bring the level of professionalism to a higher level, rather than lowering it with what may be construed as cheap crowd pleasing attacks on individuals.


M. Conahan said...

Ha! Take that Corbett you asshole! Good answers by all.... Palisseryknows his criminal shit doesn't he? What is Morgan talking about? Don't be a lawyer Bob. And don't talk so much EDDDDD. Good answer Syp!

Big Secrets said...

Wait til you hear what comes out next....BIGGER than Walter's citation.