Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Betting Windows Are Open

The UNIVAC 3000 has been working overtime, and Buzz has a headache, but here are the odds. There are a number of variables which Buzz fed into the UNIVAC 3000, and we're proud to say that OVC is the first to post the odds on the Luzerne County judicial race.

The factors which we used were name recognition, projected money to be spent, ballot position, campaign organization, campaign message, and past election trends.

Just to recap, there are seventeen attorneys vying for only two spots. Actually, at this point, there are four spots --- two Republican nominations and two Democratic nominations. Drum roll please.

Democratic nomination:

Joseph Musto, 3-2; Bill Amesbury, 4-1; Gene Sperazza, 4-1; Tom O'Connor, 5-1; Joe Terrana, 7-1; Joe Sklarosky, 10-1; C. J. Bufalino, 10-1; Daniel Zola, 15-1; Tom Marsilio, 20-1; Dick Hughes, 25-1; Jennifer Rogers, 50-1; Mike Pendolphi, 75-1; Tina Gartley, 100-1; Mike Blazick, 350-1; Tony Lumbis, 400-1; Molly Mirabito, 500-1; Steve Menn, 500-1.

Republican nomination:

Dick Hughes, 1-1; Bill Amesbury, 4-1; Tom O'Connor, 4-1; Mike Pendolphi, 6-1; Gene Sperazza, 7-1; Joe Sklarosky, 8-1; Joe Musto, 10-1; Joe Terrana, 15-1; Tom Marsilio, 20-1; C. J. Bufalino, 35-1; Jennifer Rogers, 50-1; Daniel Zola, 75-1; Tina Gartley, 100-1; Mike Blazick, 350-1; Tony Lumbis, 400-1; Molly Mirabito, 500-1; Steve Menn, 500-1.


Barney Eastwood said...

I think you're being a little generous putting Steve Menn at 500 to 1.

Dan from Dallas said...

Are these lines that we may place a wager on?

Frank from Kingston said...

Gimme a 50 timer on Amesbury for the Dem, 100 timer on Pendolphi on the GOP and a 100 time parlay on Musto/Dem, Hughes/GOP.

Mike and Mark from Allenwood said...

We must inform you that betting is illegal on judicial contests. The FBI is watching. Put us down for a fifty timer on Arthur Dalessandro.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you're assuming the voters will vote the same way they always did in the past - for the good ole boyz. If thats the case, things will never clean up under the dome. Like drug dealers...take one off the street and another one replaces them.

Save us all.

Gort said...

Can I make my bet at the Mohegan Sun or do I still have to visit the back room of Uncle Louie's junkyard?