Thursday, April 16, 2009

Who will be the GOP Nominee for Controller?

Five candidates have placed their respective hats in the ring for the honor of being the Republican nominee for Luzerne County Controller. Robert Morgan is the sole Democratic candidate, and barring a massive write in campaign, should win the Democratic nomination handily. In fact, in an OVC exclusive, Buzz has crunched the numbers on the UNIVAC 3000, and we are now ready to declare Robert Morgan the winner of the Democratic primary. You heard it, or should I say, read it here first. Tell your friends.

The editorial board of OVC has decided to grace our readers with extended coverage of the GOP race for controller. In the upcoming weeks, we will dedicate some extra time and blog space to the candidates and the issues in a race for a position which may be eliminated if home rule passes. Such is the life of a blogger.

We intend to send a questionnaire to all five candidates -- Edward Brominski, Alice B. Coffman, Walter Griffith, Nanda Palissery, and Robert Sypniewski. The questionnaire will contain questions hand selected by the OVC editorial board, and we hope, will be questions on the minds of voters in Luzerne County.

Stay tuned. Coming soon: Two of the seventeen candidates for Judge filed campaign finance reports for Cycle 2. Can you guess who? We'll tell you soon, and we'll tell you what they reveal.


Anonymous said...

Walter Griffith is the best man for the job. He knows what the people want.

Anonymous said...

Bob Morgan is a big blowhard and an unethical little "pr""k! Go Nanda - winwinwin!!!!

Anonymous said...

He knows what the people want problem is, Walter can't and never has delivered

Resident of the County that reads said...

Anonymous 9:44
do you even read a fricken newspaper at all or do you live under a rock. Walter has been fighting for the taxpayers for 5 years in the City of Wilkes Barre and also in the County. Lets be honest and fair here, Walter has and can deliver and can not be bought for any price, unlike Nanda who said in his interview on Gort 42, that he cannot easily be bought, which means he can be bought for the right amount of money. Lets start READING THE PAPERS AND DOING YOUR HOMEWORK. Walter is the best man for the job and will not turn his back on the taxpayers. never did and never will.