Thursday, April 30, 2009

Breaking News: Justice David Souter Throws in the Robe

NBC news is reporting that United States Supreme Court Justice David Souter will not return to the court in October, but instead will retire to his farm in New Hampshire. Appointed to the Court by Republican President George H. W. Bush, he usually votes with the more liberal wing on the court. He currently ranks fourth in seniority among the Associate Justices.

Souter is 69 years old and has never been comfortable with the Washington scene since being elevated to the Court in 1990. His retirement has been rumored ever since the election of Barack Obama.

When Bush, Sr. nominated Souter, he was opposed by a number of liberal U. S. Senators, including Ted Kennedy and John Kerry, who believed he was a judicial conservative in the mold of Robert Bork. Since his early days on the court, Souter has been a reliable vote for the liberal bloc on the court.

We have been unable to confirm that Souter's sudden retirement has anything to do with Bob Powell.

We will begin the the replacement speculation in the next few days.


Anonymous said...

Fuck Souter. He's an asshole

Chester B said...

Suggestions for a replacement. How about Mike Conahan, oops he's a felon; what about Mark Ciavarella, ooops he's a felon; what about Mike Toole, oops he'll be a felon shortly. Guess we're stuck with Peter Paul.

T. Krohn from Korn Krest said...

Annie L. is still available isn't she? I doubt that the court of Judicial Discipline could stop a federal appointment. Who knows?