Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sparks Fly at the GOP Women's Forum

Republican Controller candidate Bob Sypniewski apparently never heard of Ronald Reagan's 11th Commandment. Reagan often quoted what he termed his 11th Commandment. "Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican."

Sypniewski went on the attack against endorsed Republican controller candidate Nanda Palissery at the Luzerne County Republican Women's Meet the Candidates night. All five controller candidates attended the event on Thursday night at the Luzerne County Republican Headquarters in downtown Wilkes-Barre.

The sparks flew when Sypniewski gave his remarks. Each candidate was given a few minutes to pitch themselves before the crowd of about fifty people. Alice Coffman, Edd Brominski, Walter Griffth, and Palissery all touted their experience and frequently referred to each other in kind terms druing their presentations. The tenor changed when Sipniewski spoke last.

After his usual 15 of 16 children speech in a home with no heat or electricity, Sypniewski said "lawyers at the court house get dressed up and look real nice, but they have devious hearts." He comments were an obvious dig at Palissery, who is an attorney and many deem as the front runner.

Palissery took umbrage to the comment and didn't take it sitting down. He stood up and said he took offense to the comment, but Sypniewski did not back down.

Palissery was not the only one who took issue with the lawyer comment. Endorsed GOP judicial candidate confronted Sypniewski after the event, but Sypniewski again held his ground.

Sypniewskli didn't win any points with the GOP crowd, and one prominent Republican said she was "disappointed by the words of Bob Sypniewski. I think he crossed the line."


Walter Griffith Jr. said...

The proper spelling of Bob Sypniewski ..I also think Bob crossed the line. I placed the fact that Bob Sypniewski received 100.00 per day, plus mileage and expenses, as a County Auxilary Assessment Board member on my Web site and was accused of negative campaigning so I removed the comment. I think this guy should stop telling people how much he did for the taxpayers as an assesement board member and start talking to the FBI about the corruption he saw as a member of this Board. I also think that the taxpayers paid him to do a job and paid him very well and therefore he should have lowered the taxpayers assessments if they were wrong, unless of course he did something illegal in lowering those taxes. I also feel that Bob Sypniewski made in excess of $ 5000.00 for 4 months work and was paid $300.00 for each Saturday, and there are a lot of taxpayers that would just wish they could earn half of that to do what Bob was doing as Bob put it " To help the taxpayers"

Buzz said...

Walter, Thanks for the spelling correction. We fixed it.

Bob S. said...

Sorry Walter, my name is spelled Sy"penis"ki.

Hank in Hazelton said...


This is disgraceful of your comments. Why don't you confront him when you have the oppertunity. FOr you to then use his name as if he blogged and said the correct spelling of his name is "Sy"penis"wski" that is shameful. Just so you know this blog is being printed and I will make it my mission to put this as a letter to the editor. Your lies about him are downright wrong. All of the anonymous comments blogged against him on Gort show you were the master mind behind it all. Fact is this, You are so jealous of him because in 4 months he reduced taxes and all you can hold onto is a book. Come one walter we all know, your jealous of him. All your rants have done nothing but increase the taxes on the taxpayers. What have you to show?

Anonymous said...

Hey Hank in Hazleton, I mean Terri in Wilkes-Barre or whatever name you are going by today... if you put a letter to the editor in the paper, you have to use your real name, so go for it. Mr. Griffith never referred to your favorite candidate as you stated. Let's be honest, Mr. Sypniewski knew of corruption at the courthouse and chose to keep his mouth shut so he could continue to collect a paycheck from the taxpayers.
That is a fact, and your candidate, Mr. Sypniewski, said it himself.
Mr. Griffith does not need to attack your candidate with slanderous remarks, Mr. Sypniewski seems to be doing a damn fine job of handing himself.

Anonymous said...

hanging, not handing, as in, "give him enough forums, er... rope..."

Anonymous said...

Walter it looks like he did more for the taxpayers than you did and maybe you are a little sour. I have been to almost all of the events were all of the candidates spoke and never heard him say about corruption on the assessment board. The term he has used is unfairness, ask him for one of his flyers read it for yourself. The problem walter he has results and you don't. Question, Walter do you know what account he was paid from, I would love to see if the excess of $5000 is true. Were's your proof

Nanda said...

Anon 3:44: Sypniewski admitted he knew of "corruption." Look at his interview on Gort. He admitted he didn't reveal it for fear of losing his job on the assessment board. His words not mine.