Thursday, October 23, 2008

McCain-Palin R.I.P.

It's all over but the shouting. And shouting we will see --- at least from McCain, Palin, and company. On election night 2000, the late Tim Russert held up a small white board with three words written on it. He had written "Florida, Florida, Florida." This year it's "Penn-no-chance-in-hell-for-McCain-sylvania, Io-long-since-gone-wa, Colo-bama-rado, Ohi-down-double-digit-o, North-we-can't-be-losing-there-Carolina, and Indi-oh-my-God-we're-gonna-lose-here-too-ana." A series of polls which have come out today have written the McCain-Palin obituary. With 12 days to go, even Harry Truman couldn't pull this one off.
Eight new Big 10 battleground polls came out today, and McCain's got Obama "right where he wants him." Here are the numbers: Obama leads in all, Illinois 62-32, Pennsylvania 52-41, Michigan 58-36, Minnesota 57-38, Wisconsin 53-40, Iowa 52-39, Indiana 51-41, and Ohio 52-41. There's also a Quinnipiac poll from Ohio that shows Obama up 52-38. has also, for the first time, moved Ohio from toss up to Leaning Obama. (For those of you not familiar with Realclearpolitics, they average all reputable polls together to come up with their RCP average.)
It won't be long to paraphrase Martin Luther King, Jr, when we can all join in a chorus of "Back in Alaska, back in Alaska, thank God Almighty Palin's back in Alaska."

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